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20 Aug 2010


about In your room again

Les Inrockuptibles (09/2007)

"The little electronic and melancholic marvel"

Les Inrockuptibles (09/2006)
"these musicians (...) float in a vicious and moving electro, which they have surprisingly and graciously mixed with glints of a beaming folk or fragments of a possessed pop"

"We step into a system of shifting laws of physics : inverted perspectives, an abolished gravity ; even the order of events seem to be arranged according to a brand new cohesion"

"Considered, thought out, everything lies in the gradation, in the small details"

Les Inrockuptibles (04/2006)
"Appeased and anxious"

Rock N Folk
"Refined and delicate"

"Intimist, like french cinema"

Rock Mag
"A pure trip of enigmatic beauty delivered by the dandy voice of the singer"

French Touch
"A talented band whose music bursts with ideas"

France Soir
"The two brothers start at the top"

Music Actu
"Hypnotic atmospheres and quiet and considered universes"